New generation banking for global businesses.
Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we digitize cross-border payment and banking infrastructure to power the future of customer experiences and financial services.
15k+ tech-forward companies built with Qbit.
One-stop shop for global cash management.
Build an efficient financial system for cross-border business.
A single platform for global transactions.
Open domestic business accounts in over 14 currencies in a few minutes to quickly receive global transactions.
Easier receiving
Accounts can be linked to Shopify, PayPal, and other platforms with automatic order synchronization for clear visibility.
Online management
Customizable role-based workflow, improving information security and teamwork efficiency.
A new way to manage your cash.
Process all your banking businesses on one dashboard.
Automated expense reports to save time and costs.
Real-time transactions
Free for transactions between Qbit accounts.
Make payments to domestic suppliers without withdrawal.
Unlock global potentials with efficient payments.
Global payments
Available in over 180+ countries and regions, and payments can be completed within one working day.
Quantum card
Can be used wherever Visa and MasterCard are accepted with shared budgets and no foreign exchange.
Cash management
Simplified payment process with documented transaction details for more efficient reconciliation.
Supply chain finance
Expand marketplaces for rapid growth.
Online application
Highly flexible financing system to receive the fund within 48 hours at the earliest.
Unsecured loan
Credit loan with only one authentication, reshaping the financing experiences.
Lower rates
Dynamic APR, automatic weekly or monthly repayments from the Global Account.
Security is at our core.
Qbit has been proactively committed to growing with industry compliance.
Regulatory compliance
Highly compliant with global industry regulations with payment licenses & qualifications in multiple countries and regions including America and Hong Kong.
Financial security
Rigorous measures are adapted to ensure the security of customers' funds, and financial solutions are recognized by partner banks and institutions.
Risk control
Leading security and risk control systems, AI, and big data technologies are applied to monitor transaction risks in real time.
Data Security
Qbit has established a well-defined information management system. All data is protected through encryption, and shall not be disclosed with no authentication.
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