Qbit Quantum Cards
Intelligent expense management tool for businesses.
Qbit Cards are free to create and you can start using them immediately online. Pay for purchases anywhere Visa and Mastercard are accepted, both online and in-store.
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Unlimited users and cards
Create unlimited cards for your employees with customizable budget.
Real-time management
Manage your corporate cards and expenses on one intelligent platform.
Online & offline spending
Support Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Alipay. Can be used wherever Visa and Mastercard are accepted.
Smart reconciliation
Segmentation of statement information to improve reconciliation efficiency.
A streamlined approach to company spending.
Create employee and company cards in minutes and stay in control of all purchases from a single dashboard, in real-time.
It can be used wherever Visa and Mastercard are accepted, such as advertising, subscription fees, etc.
Pay global expenses directly from your Qbit multi-currency accounts, eliminating unnecessary FX conversion fees.
Manage company expenses all in one place.
Available to businesses of all sizes and scales. Manage your cards from a single dashboard.
Support budget sharing and customization features. Real-time review of payments, stay in control of employee expenses.
Customizable role-based workflow authorizes employees with different card management permissions.
Reconcile corporate card expenses and reimbursements with a built-in expense management system that allows you to upload receipts online for tracking.
Employee cards
Easily issue cards to your global workforce.
Let your employees purchase on the go.
Control multi-currency spend and reimbursements of your global team like travel, employee benefits, and team offsites.
Gain more control of employee spending.
Set a variety of spend limits to better manage budgets and restrict purchases to only specific merchant types if needed.
Eliminate delayed visibility of purchases.
Get a real-time view of employee spend. Each card has a clear payment trail, so it’s easy to track purchases.
Multiple cards for different needs
Apply online for a physical or virtual business credit card for various company spendings.
Qbit physical cards can be used in stores and ATMs anywhere VISA is accepted.
Domestic consumption is supported, no foreign exchange fees for local currency payments.
Security is at our core.
Regulatory compliance
Highly compliant with global industry regulations with payment licenses & qualifications in multiple countries and regions including America and Hong Kong.
Financial security
Rigorous measures are adapted to ensure the security of customers' funds, and financial solutions are recognized by partner banks and institutions.
Risk control
Leading security and risk control systems, AI, and big data technologies are applied to monitor transaction risks in real time.
Data Security
Qbit has established a well-defined information management system. All data is protected through encryption, and shall not be disclosed with no authentication.
Get the spending power you want and the controls you need today.
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