International Payments
Simplify your global payment process.
Streamline payments to suppliers and employees around the world no matter the transaction size, near instantaneously.
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Secure and reliable global cash movement.
Global payment network
Enjoy full coverage of 180+ countries and support payments in 40+ currencies.
Real-time FX exchange
Market-leading FX rates for any business size and avoid hidden transaction fees.
Multi-layered approval workflows
Create separate accounts for each entity and customise multi-layered approval workflows.
Batch Transfers
Simplify your workflow with batch transfers.
Enhance funding efficiency
Streamline multiple payments to global suppliers and employees without ever having to write a single line of code.
Flexibility to meet your specific needs
Make batch transfers to multiple payees across countries, currencies, and transfer methods.
Streamline operational oversight
Reconcile your expenses in one place and gain real-time visibility and control over spending.
What else Qbit empowers you to do?
Pay to a Qbit Account
Sending payments to another Qbit customer is one of the fastest ways to handle your payments.
Qbit Quantum Card
Use your card to save time, save on conversion fees, and earn while you spend directly from your Qbit balance.
Fast Withdrawal
Connect Qbit to your personal bank account to withdraw your money easily and quickly.
Security is at our core.
Regulatory compliance
Highly compliant with global industry regulations with payment licenses & qualifications in multiple countries and regions including America and Hong Kong.
Financial security
Rigorous measures are adapted to ensure the security of customers' funds, and financial solutions are recognized by partner banks and institutions.
Risk control
Leading security and risk control systems, AI, and big data technologies are applied to monitor transaction risks in real time.
Data Security
Qbit has established a well-defined information management system. All data is protected through encryption, and shall not be disclosed with no authentication.
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