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Break into larger
markets with hyper-
localization capabilities.
Coverage of more than 180 countries and regions around the world, making
transactions more secure and transparent.
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Localised payment
Enable customers to pay in the way they prefer and deliver a streamlined experience.
High compatibility and accessibility
Integrate seamlessly with our easy-to-use APIs for time and cost savings and greater flexibility.
Cycle-time reduction
Improve cash flow efficiency by offering favorable settlement cycle and margin terms.
Seamless technical integration
Accept payments globally through multiple channels including cards, bank transfers, cash, and eWallets.
Higher success rate
Automate transaction routing for improved authorization rates, lower fees and higher profits.
7*24 risk management
Monitor transactions in real-time with customized risk management models to ensure secure revenue increase.
Deep insight into global data
Real-time data updates
The trading panel is updated in real-time and all transactions are visible at a glance.
Success rate disclosure
Help merchants improve conversion rates and increase revenue with transparent disclosure of transaction success rates.
Filtered by payment method
Increase success rates by defining rules based on customer payment method, currency preference, and other variables.
Clear visibility into chargebacks
Chargeback data is displayed in stages to help merchants address these issues in a timely manner and reduce losses.
Heatmap supported
Represent 7-day transaction data graphically, allowing merchants to make data-driven decisions for business growth.
Striking the right balance between risk & return.
Machine learning combined with customized risk rules to protect your business from fraud. Automatically performs fraud assessments to address your risk exposure.
By applying and improving the risk management system, risk forecasting and dynamic control, comprehensive transaction monitoring and real-time threat detection, Qbit Risk Control team works to efficiently identify risks and ensure payment security.
Optimized acquiring experience
Risk control
Effectively detect, prevent, and respond to fraud by customizing your risk settings.
Integrated interface
Integrated control panel interface provides deep visibility into transaction status.
Localized support
Professional account management and technical team for real-time response.
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