We take security
Multi-factor authentication is enforced across all your accounts.
All data sent to or from Qbit's infrastructure is encrypted in transit.
Bank-level security system and rigorous KYC&KYB procedures.
Compliant platform you can trust.
At Qbit, we hold ourselves to globally accepted benchmarks for demonstrating the strength of our security program. We have dedicated security and privacy teams working to help clients scale with confidence.
Regulatory Compliance
Highly compliant with global industry regulations to ensure the security of customers' funds with payment licenses & qualifications in multiple countries and regions.
Transaction Security
Leading security and risk control systems, AI, and big data technologies are applied to monitor risks—multiple verification measures to protect account security.
Financial Security
Funds are deposited and processed per the financial regulatory authorities and all transactions are made with the customer's authorization.
Data Security
Qbit upholds the highest international standards, including PCI Level 1 compliance, to protect customers' private information and data rigorously.
Voice of customers
We are pleased with what Qbit has brought us. They offer a straightforward financial solution without jargon and complicated procedure. Qbit’s Global Account has addressed our immediate need for cross-border payments when expanding businesses. They enabled us further to strengthen our value proposition for the increasingly demanding market.
We were looking for a quality service provider that could provide strong technical support and understand and help us achieve our vision for growth. Partnering with Qbit will allow us to quickly obtain sufficient capital to enter new markets and expand our business faster. Qbit's cutting-edge technology and high-quality services will pave the way for more Chinese companies to go abroad.
Keep your money secure.
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