Singularity Financing
The secure way to grow your runway.
Flexible extra funding without the stress of a fixed repayment schedule, so you can handle day-to-day expenses while investing in long term growth.
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* Relevant regional financial business licenses or qualifications are provided by our partners.
Get your funds instantly
Apply online, convenient and hassle-free, get funds in as fast as 48 hours.
No collateral needed
Pure credit loan, one-time credit, revolving use, simple process operation.
Up to $10 million limit
You can use the funds anyway you want. Enjoy the freedom that other financing channels cannot provide.
Settle at your pace
Your repayments are based on a percentage of revenue and therefore not fixed.
Maximise business potential with Qbit Singularity Financing.
Purchase inventory
Increasing the scale of operations
Product development
Invest in ads and marketing
Expand into new markets
scaling a team
Reach your potential in just a few simple steps.
1. Create an account
Simply fill-in a form to register and begin the application process.
2. Complete Verification
Submit all necessary documents for verification and due diligence. Once approved, you'll receive funding in 48 hours.
3. Contribute Future Revenue
Enjoy flexible repayment by sharing a percentage of future revenue to pay down your funding amount.
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