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World-class asset managers responsible for $3 trillion in funds have crafted investing solutions built around your investment goals and risk appetite.
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0.5% of investment amount at point of sale with no other platform fees.
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Open an account from any device in 10 minutes. You’ll be starting your first investment in no time.
Ultra-simplified processes for transactions. Everything you need to know on the same dashboard.
Extend your runway without long lock-ups and get access to your cash whenever you need it.
Secure and trustworthy.
Your funds always reside with regulated, ultra-safe and highly liquid financial institutions. Qbit doesn't hold your funds, ever.
Highly compliant with global industry regulations to ensure the security of your funds with payment licenses & qualifications in multiple countries and regions.
Leading security and risk control systems, AI, and big data technologies are applied to monitor risks—multiple verification measures to protect account security.
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